Our Campus

Computer Labs

Paving the base for creating a digital India, the Computer Education starts at school keeping in tune with the growing computer needs, the computer labs are equipped with 45 computer systems to give students ample time for practicals. The latest softwares have been inculcated in to make computer learning easier.

Biology Lab

Science Labs

Well equipped labs encourage students to understand the scientific theories through hands on experience to appease the inborn inquisitiveness related to science and its discoveries. All three science labs are equipped so as to cater to the educational needs of the day.


With over 8,000 books, the library is the pride of the school. ‘Reading maketh a full person’ is the motto of the Library which shelves numerous books from Fairy tales to Biographies, encyclopedia to Reference Books. A variety of weekly and monthly magazines along with newspapers keep the school community abreast of the day events and issues relating to the world and life in general. Books and magazines are the world and life in general, which are made available in all three languages viz Hindi, English and Malayalam . A salient feature of the library is that it gets a daily contribution of books from students who celebrate their birthdays.



All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The school, inspite of its limitations caters a Basket Ball court, Volley Ball Court and a Table Tennis court. The Schools Basket Ball team, Volley Ball team Table, Tennis team and Foot Ball team have been representing the school in various competitions.

The pride of school, the Table Tennis teams have won laurels at both State and National Table levels and our players rank among the top eight National Table Tennis Champions.

Our students are provided with all possible opportunities in the sports field so as to inculcate in them true sportsman spirit, discipline and mutual respect. The sports room is equipped with all the materials needed for both indoor and outdoor sports activities like chess and various Carrom Boards, various other boards games and racquets, bats, balls and their like respectively. Martial arts and yoga are practiced on a regular basis as to tune to body and spirit in a holistic manner.

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